Saturday, May 10, 2008

First Post--yowza!

Hello Everyone!

Wow, never done this before. A bit nervous, actually, more than a bit! What if I make a fool of myself, what if no one like me? What if no one even reads this? It's like I'm back in middle school.

Well, I'm going to do this. Blog, try to promote my website and sell some handbags. Time to get serious. Unfortunately, I'm clueless.

I make handbags, my website has been down for a t least a year and now I am trying to get back on track. Anyone care?

If you are interested in my bags:

and on Etsy:

Anyone out there reading this and have any pointers for me? And dear Lord, don't say eBay.

Well, enough for today.


Elite Boutique Design Studio said...

oh sweetie, i was wondering what happened...
i make bags myself and have always thought your bags were just beautiful...
i love the one with the siamese tea cloth i think it was...
i remember the day i went to find you on ebay, and you were gone. i went to your website and saw you said that they have kicked you off...which made no sense to me...
i saw you were on etsy and followed the link to you here.
etsy is a great place and i have been selling bags there for about a year now.
my sis and i just opened a shop up together and will be listing more soon. but etsy is a place where you have to work for success. post in the forums and add people to your favorites and try to get a tresury any chance you get. i am going to add you to my favorites. i am MiSteph on etsy and dragonflycouture on ebay(like you will ever go there)
but just keep it up and blog any chance you get, people do look. and if you myspace, advertise there...and all your past designs, add them to a flickr account and just post links to all of this and people will look... i really hope this helps, please do notgive up.

Kay said...

I love your handbags. I too found you on Ebay and bought several bags from you in the past. I still get compliments on your work. I found you on here and really like the new handbag design (the mocha flowers bag is very nice). You had one on Ebay that if I remember correctly, it had little penguins on it. Any chance you'll have one of those again? My daughter loved it. Thanks! said...

OH jeeeze--I don't know how to blog properly! Can't I respond to individual comments??

KAY; if you are reading this..YES! I do have more of that penguin fabric!!!